The National Post: Amp's Co-Founder and CIO on How Europe’s Largest Batteries are Enabling the Green Energy Transition

Some places get a lot of sun, and some places get a lot of wind. Scotland, by and large, is much more like the latter than the former, so it’s no surprise that in the quest for a net-zero electricity grid in the UK, gigawatts of new offshore wind generation are being built there, especially with the recent announcement of the 25GW ScotWind license. But even in the windiest parts of the world, there are calm days. And the places where the wind blows strongest are rarely the places where the largest balance of electricity is consumed, so it’s not just a matter of building more windmills. There’s a fundamental question of how peak green energy on windy nights off the northern coast of Scotland can be transformed, banked, and transmitted to meet peak daytime demand in urban London. That’s where Carlyle-backed energy transition and renewable developer, Amp Energy, comes in.

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