North America

Amp's journey began in Toronto in 2009

Since then, we've grown from an ambitious solar developer to a leading global energy transition platform, with a 700+ MW portfolio in North America alone.

Across Canada and the US, we work with a broad range of utilities and C&I customers to develop extensive decarbonization roadmaps and become leaders in the push to net-zero.

Through our US community solar and storage projects, we've helped almost 2,000 customers switch to clean energy and save more than $1.3 million in annual electricity bills.

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Solar PV is one of the simplest, cheapest, and most abundant forms of energy. Our solar projects energize communities, C&I customers, and utilities with reliable CO2- free electricity.


Energy storage is the key to unlocking 24/7 renewables. Our stand-alone and hybridized battery assets deliver clean and reliable electricity, exactly when it’s needed.


Wind is an unlimited source of energy and critical to global decarbonization. Our wind projects reduce the demand for fossil fuels while helping to drive social and economic growth.

Flexibility Services

Driven by a cloud-based data engine, our Amp X platform uses AI and machine learning to unlock flexibility across a wide range of applications. It enables us to enhance the performance of solar and wind assets, provide autonomous load management for homes and businesses, and even optimize the charging and discharging of batteries and electric vehicles.

Developing Effective Net-Zero Roadmaps

Solving the challenges associated with corporates and industrials achieving their environmental sustainability targets through a holistic approach that encompasses supply, demand, and efficiency optimization behind the meter.


While the business case for decarbonization and net-zero is clear, there is no standardized path to reach this destination.

At Amp, we take a consultative, data-driven approach to get our corporate and industrial partners on a path that aligns their progression, targets, and scale throughout the transition.

For more information on our net-zero roadmaps, please contact

Community Solar

Connecting US communities with solar

Save $ on your electricity bills and support local clean energy

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A community solar project is a solar power plant whose generated electricity is shared by the local community.

The purpose of the community solar farm is to power the local community with clean energy, giving all members of the community the opportunity to reap the benefits of the solar power being produced. In comparison to on-site installations, participants do not need to install any solar panels on their property.

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HubSpot Video

Our Community Solar Farms

Think you have an ideal location to host one of our solar projects?

We're always on the hunt for new partners looking to deliver savings to communities and power the local economy!

With hundreds of projects in our portfolio, we are able to quickly and objectively evaluate the opportunity.

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Environmental Leadership & Community Engagement

Working with local stakeholders, we ensure our renewable energy projects also contribute to a heathier environment. Throughout North America, we've launched initiatives such as developing pollinator fields to improve biodiversity, dual-use farming combining solar and agriculture, and forest conservation programs linked with education initiatives.

Exploring the Renewable Energy Development Cycle: Jared Donald

June, 2022

Renewable energy development can be a long and complicated process, but for Amp Energy's Executive Vice President and Head of US Operations, its also an opportunity to build stronger local communities.

Having successfully weathered the COVID-19 storm, the US renewable energy industry is now gearing up for a decade of unprecedented growth. Across the country, there are currently more than 200GW of solar and wind projects in the development pipeline, 35GW of which are expected to come online before the end of 2021.

For Jared Donald, a 15-year industry veteran overseeing Amp's US operations, the renewable development cycle is both challenging and rewarding. "It's an extremely nuanced, detail-based business, and it's continuing to grow in complexity," he said. "There are many different individuals, stakeholders, and government bodies involved throughout the process, each of which can influence the entire project. But despite these challenges, there are also many tremendous opportunities."

News & Stories

Amp Secures Tax Equity and Debt Financing for $155M Community Solar + Storage Portfolio

Amp has closed financing on its 61 MW | 6.5 MWh solar plus storage portfolio in Massachusetts and New York, valued at $155M. KeyBank led the construction and term debt, with U.S. Bank investing the tax equity for the portfolio, in the fourth transaction amongst the three parties since 2017.

Amp Secures $88M Financing for Another New York Community Solar Portfolio

Amp has successfully closed financing for the construction of six community solar projects in New York State. The clean energy generated by the 34 MW portfolio is fully contracted for sale to local businesses and consumers, with commercial operation expected to begin in the first quarter of 2022.

Amp Closes Financing on $106.5M New York Portfolio of Community Solar + Storage Projects

The portfolio consists of five separate community solar projects, including three sites paired with battery storage, located throughout central New York State. The 40 megawatts of solar generation will be fully contracted upon completion by a mix of residential and commercial customers.