We are an Emerging Energy Transition Supermajor

A global energy transition platform

With projects all around the world, we are leading the charge in rethinking the future of energy through decarbonization, decentralization, digitization and democratization.

The ecosystem of energy is rapidly changing. Our holistic approach of solar, wind, storage, green hydrogen and ammonia, grid edge management and infusing flexibility through our world class data science team makes our global platform well positioned to create a Global Energy Transition Supermajor.

14GW Built or Under Contract

Energy transition platform delivering renewables Development and Flexibility-as-a-service at scale


Energy Transition Infrastructure

Renewable Energy

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Stand-Alone Utility-scale Storage Hybrid Assets 02
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System Flexibility

AI Enabled Digital Energy Platform

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Solar PV is one of the simplest, cheapest, and most abundant forms of energy. Our solar projects energize comunities, C&I customers, and utilities with reliable CO2- free electricity.


Energy storage is the key to unlocking 24/7 renewables. Our standalone and hybridized battery assets deliver clean and reliable electricity, exactly when it’s needed.


Wind is an unlimited source of energy and critical to global decarbonization. Our wind projects reduce the demand for fossil fuels while helping to drive social and economic growth.

Green Hydrogen / Ammonia

Some industries cannot decarbonize through electrification alone. Green hydrogen is the zero-emission fuel transforming sector such as shipping, mining, transport and heavy manufacturing.


Smart TX

The Amp X Smart Tx is a drop-in replacement for traditional power transformers that provides unprecedented network visibility and a wide array of valuable grid services.


Virtual Power Plant

Amp X's cloud-based, AI-driven Virtual Power Plant (VPP) aggregates, monitors, and optimizes decentralized renewable assets to maximize performance.


Dynamic Load Shaping

Amp X Demand Side Management (DSM) aggregates demand-side flexibility by autonomously managing industrial, commercial and residential loads. A user centric approach to unlock new revenue streams for all market participants.

Global Footprint

The impact of our 14GW portfolio

Around the world, Amp’s solar, wind, and energy storage assets are reducing CO2 emissions and creating more flexible and resilient electricity networks.

With a global portfolio of 14GW and counting, we’re passionate about solving tomorrow’s energy challenges and providing universal access to clean, reliable electricity.

  • 15,000T

    C02 removed from the atmosphere

  • 36,000,000

    Average households

  • 100%

    Renewable energy

  • 32,000,000

    Equivalent of trees

sustainability report cover

2021 Sustainability Report

Highlighting examples of progress made towards Amp’s sustainability objectives & ESG Materiality Matrix.

News & Stories

Amp Announces the Largest Battery Storage Facilities in Europe

Amp has announced Europe's two biggest battery storage facilities with its 800 MW battery portfolio in central Scotland (the "Scottish Green Battery Complex"). The portfolio is due to be operational in April 2024 and will be comprised of two 400 MW battery facilities, each providing 800 MWhrs of energy storage capacity.

Amp Secures Innovative $350 million Cross-Jurisdictional Portfolio Financing

Amp has secured an innovative $350 million cross-jurisdictional credit facility with a consortium of leading institutional investors including Brookfield Asset Management, a leading sovereign wealth fund, and Nomura Securities. 

Creating a Global Energy Transition Supermajor: Dave Rogers

Amp’s Founder and CEO has plans not just to become one of the world’s largest renewable energy developers, but to redefine the meaning of a supermajor in the race to decarbonize our world.