Blessed with premium renewable energy resources, and vast open land areas, Australia is undergoing one of the world’s fastest energy transitions.

With offices in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, Amp Australia has operations in South Australia and New South Wales with a 2GW portfolio of utility scale solar, energy storage, green hydrogen and ammonia projects. Amp’s landmark development, the Renewable Energy Hub of South Australia (REHSA), will combine solar, energy storage, and ammonia production as part of South Australia’s ambitious goal of being a nation leading exporter with 500% of local demand by 2050.

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Australia has quickly become a leader in solar deployments, boasting the world’s highest solar production per capita. Amp has three utility scale solar development assets in South Australia totaling 1.36GW of generation, and two operating assets in New South Wales of 160MW.


Energy storage is the key to unlocking 24/7 renewables. Our hybridized battery assets deliver clean and reliable electricity, exactly when it’s needed. We believe battery storage is no longer an option, but a necessity, especially in markets with such high price volatility.

Green Hydrogen & Ammonia

Green hydrogen production uses renewable energy to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen gas using a process of Electrolysis to produce hydrogen or processed ammonia which would ultimately lead to industry decarbonization. Our Renewable Energy Hub in South Australia will incorporate green hydrogen and ammonia production as part of the state’s long-term goal of becoming a net exporter of clean energy.


Asset Hybridisation

Amp’s Asset Hybridised portfolio approach allows us to capture intraday spreads (dispatch into high price periods) through time of day dispatch shifting in jurisdictions like South Australia, by reducing asset level and portfolio risk. Capitalising on lower capture prices to charge a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), is core to Amp’s hybridised solar and storage assets strategy.

Amp Australia will expand the portfolio with wind generation, ancillary services and hydrogen with the asset hybridisation strategy.


The Renewable Energy Hub of South Australia - Dean Cooper

April, 2022

Amp Australia's landmark Renewable Energy Hub is poised to accelerate the world's fastest energy transition and drive South Australia to net-zero and beyond with Amp's Spencer Gulf Hydrogen Energy Ecoplex.

Australia is famous for its plentiful sunshine, exceptional wind conditions, and vast open land areas, qualities that have always primed the land down under to become a leader in the clean...

Our Projects

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Amp Announces the Establishment of the Renewable Energy Hub of South Australia (REHSA)

The portfolio, acquired From EPS, includes three large Solar PV projects totaling over 1.3 GW of generation, located at Robertstown (636 MW), Bungama (336 MW) and Yoorndoo liga (388 MW) with a total BESS capacity of up to 540 MW across the portfolio.

News & Stories

Amp's Hillston Solar Farm Reaches 100% Generation

Amp Australia announced it has achieved 100% generation at its 120MW Hillston Solar Farm (“Hillston”) in NSW, less than 3 months from first energisation. This Hillston generation milestone brings Amp’s operating portfolio in Australia to 160MWdc in New South Wales.

Amp Closes Financing for the 120MW Hillston Solar Farm

Amp has successfully raised Project Finance for its 120MW Hillston Solar Farm in New South Wales, Australia. The Hillston Solar Farm executed a project finance agreement with Natixis and Export Development Canada (EDC) as Mandated Lead Arrangers with Natixis being the LC Provider and Sole Hedging Provider.

Agreement for Lease with the Barngarla People of South Australia

Amp, together with initiating project developer EPS Energy have announced the execution of an Agreement for Lease with the Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC ("BDAC") for the strategically located Yoorndoo Ilga (388 MW) solar farm ("YIS") and hybridised 150MW Battery Energy Storage system located in Whyalla, SA.